The Reversible Suede Bomber


The PS version of a menswear classic: a suede bomber jacket that's reversible to a rainproof lining.

Permanent Style has offered a version of this reversible suede jacket for several years, but the new iteration for 2023 is more modern, luxurious and sportier. 

Functionally, it's just the same: the jacket turns inside out to swap to a water-resistant lining. You pull the arms through, push through as many buttons as you need, and walk on.

But design wise, it's significantly different. The jacket now has a raglan shoulder with prominent seams; pure suede at the neck instead of ribbing; plunge pockets on the outside, with patches on the inside; and the suede is heavier, giving it a satisfying feel.

Says Simon: "I think a suede bomber jacket has been so popular with sartorial dressers because it fits so well into a tailored wardrobe. The texture, the pockets and (most importantly) the button-up front make it unusual among casual jackets in being smart enough to substitute for a tailored jacket.

"But one thing I always thought would increase its usefulness would be to make it weatherproof. So the lining of the jacket is a highly water-resistant polyamide. Over many different versions of this jacket I’ve found this is a nice combination of weight, breathability and rain-resistance."

Style cues have been carried over from the recently introduced Linen Harrington jacket, such as the the back yoke. "I loved that scalloped yoke on the back of the jacket," says Simon. "The horizontal line is very flattering, as well as creating another point of interest."

For more on why Simon thinks this jacket is so useful, see the launch article here.

The fit of the jacket has also been updated to be slightly more relaxed, allowing layering underneath. In the pictures Simon wears a Medium with the sweatshirt and jeans, a Small with the crewneck and flannels, and there are also pictures illustrating to two alongside each other. "Personally, I think a larger fit is more relaxed and elegant, but I know people are different - it's a question of style as well as layering, and both can look great," says Simon

As always it's also useful to compare the measurements of the size chart to an item you already own. Simon is six foot (183cm) with a 39 inch (99cm) chest, a 34 inch (86cm) waist and weighs 12.5 stone (79kg). 

Sizing table:

X-Small (2) Small (3) Medium (4) Large (5) X-Large (6) XX-Large (7)
Chest width 53cm 55.5 59 62.5 66 69.5
Back length 66 66.5 67.5 68.5 69.5 70.5
Ribbing width 38.5 41 44.5 48 51.5 55
Sleeve length 83 83.5 85 86.5 88 89.5


Body length: From bottom of neck to bottom of jacket, including rib

Sleeve length: From bottom of neck, along raglan seam on top of arm, to end of sleeve including rib

Ribbing width: When ribbing at bottom of jacket is relaxed, stretches to 10cm greater