Frequently Asked Questions


Why hasn’t my order shipped yet?

We aim to ship all orders within two to three working days. There may be a slight delay at times of high volumes (eg new product launches) or during holidays. 

Why do you charge so much for shipping?

As with the quoting of prices without VAT, our aim is to be as transparent as possible. So we charge the full cost of the courier on top of the price, rather than simply charging more for the product. We believe this is more transparent than pretending that shipping is free.  

We only offer one type of shipping - a courier that means the product is reliably tracked and requires a signature on arrival - because we think that is appropriate to the quality of the products sold. 

Do you ship to everywhere?

Yes, we ship to every country in the world, although some have some extra requirements. These include: 

-- Russia: Delivery is slower as we have to use Royal Mail-associated carriers; a business address may also be required

-- China: A citizen number is required, and shipments with multiple items have extra restrictions

-- India: A tax ID number is required. Please include this in your shipping address

      How do I return or exchange a product?

      We offer free returns and exchanges. Simply go here and our distributor will send you a returns label within two working days. If you then keep your item in the original packaging, and attach the label, you can can drop it off at your nearest DHL drop-off point (or Royal Mail, in the UK). 


      Why am I charged taxes/VAT at checkout?

      We deliberately quote prices without VAT throughout the site, as most customers are not in the UK and VAT does not apply to them. We try to make it clear when prices are quoted, that they are ex-VAT. 

      Why have I been sent an invoice from the courier for taxes and duties?

      Most companies, including us, ship products without local duties paid in advance. This means that when the product arrives in your country, there may be duties and local taxes to pay. The courier charges these to you, and then invoices us in return. 

      We find that although this involves an extra step, it often works out cheaper for the customer (even with an admin fee from the courier) than charging a ‘landed price’ in advance. If you are in the EU, there are no local charges, but of course you pay the 20% VAT instead at checkout. 

      Why am I only charged duties sometimes in the United States?

      Every country varies in the duties they charge, the items they charge them on, and the thresholds above which the duties apply. 

      In the US, currently, our items are only charged duties if the value is over $800. But the charge (anywhere from 20-30% depending on the item and the State) is then on the entire value. This makes more expensive items more expensive still. 

      Are these duties refundable if I return or exchange an item?

      If you return an item, we cannot refund you the duties unfortunately, as they are paid to the local government, not us. However, it can be possible to recover them through local customs. Processes vary, but please inquire with them and we will be happy to supply any extra paperwork, if needed.

      However, a process does exist for exchanging items, to make sure you don’t pay duties twice. There the second shipment is marked as an exchange, and should not be charged duties as a result. Do let us know if duties are charged incorrectly. 


      Is a certain product going to be restocked soon?

      We run a waiting list for every product, in order to keep those that are interested up to date with new stock. If you would like to be on a waiting list, please email with the product name, size and colour you are interested in.

      How does the waiting list work?

      You will receive an email from the Support team when a product comes back into stock. Usually, you will receive first notice of this availability - before any public announcement. 

      We do not reserve products, however, or put them aside for customers in advance. Except for occasional pre-orders on larger items. 


      How do the products fit?

      In generally, the products on Permanent Style tend to be moderately slim, but it’s always worth checking the detail on each one, as this will vary with the style. The products follow a fairly standard sizing pattern, with a Medium usually being equivalent to a size 40/50 jacket in ready-to-wear tailoring. 

      What size should I take?

      We find the best way to check what size you are is to to use the measurements on the product page, and compare them to a similar item you like the fit of. This is more reliable than sending body measurements - particularly just height and weight - because fit preferences vary between individuals. 

      What size does Simon wear?

      Simon is usually modelling the clothes, and is six-foot tall (183cm) with a 39-inch chest (99cm) and 33-inch waist (84cm). He usually wears a Medium or size 50, but this varies and is specified on each of the product pages. 



      How do I look after my shirts?

      We don’t include washing instructions on the shirts or in the packaging, preferring to keep information digitally here as a reference. It removes the point of needless labels and waste. 

      Shirts should be washed at 30 or 40 degrees with like colours, and hung to dry. Do not tumble dry and avoid dry cleaning if possible. Information on caring for knitwear can be found in our video here.

      Why don’t you include spare buttons with the products?

      For the same reason as above: we find such buttons often go unused, and have to be removed from the clothing. Instead, we hold spare buttons centrally, and are happy to supply them any time. Email if you would like some.