Permanent Style sells unique products that are designed to complement tailoring. They are offered in limited runs and sold at below market rates.

Every product is the highest quality, made in Scotland, Italy or Japan, as befitting the bespoke tailoring and shoemaking Simon covers on PermanentStyle.com - the world's leading website on the subject.

The birth of a product often comes from the frustration of founder Simon Crompton that something is not currently available. That might be a polo shirt that works under a tailored jacket, a trench coat with a decent length, or oxford cloth that can be used by a shirtmaker. In each case, Simon works with a manufacturer to create the perfect product and fill that gap.

Shirting mills might only be offering fine cottons to shirtmakers, with more traditional fabrics only sold to brands; Permanent Style buys those fabrics to sell them by the length. Knitwear might be too thick and simply made to work well under a bespoke jacket; Permanent Style develops the most refined version in the finest wool.

The products are all offered in limited runs, and sell out in a matter of weeks, sometimes days. This sell-through allows Permanent Style to offer them at better prices than other shops.

This also means there is no need for seasonal sales, and is hugely aided by the loyalty and engagement of the Permanent Style readership, who are happy to stay on the waiting list for a new product or even pre-order in advance. 

Full stories behind each of the products are available on the main magazine site, PermanentStyle.com. The books that Simon has written over the years as an author and journalist are also offered on the shop. 

All products are shown with prices excluding VAT, because most customers are from outside the EU. Shipping is not free, as this only inflates prices; but there are free returns, in order to reflect the sizing and other difficulties of buying online. 

For more on Simon and Permanent Style, see the About section of the website here.