The Short-Sleeved Shirt


An alternative, chic take on the short-sleeved Summer shirt. 

The PS short-sleeve is made from fine Irish linen, and cut long in order to be tucked into elegant tailored trousers. It makes use of the PS button-down collar to offer something more casual than a dress shirt, yet much more considered than most short sleeves.

Those sleeves are also cut short, close to the arm, in a style that is more flattering for most wearers and recalls 1950s images of Elvis Presley or James Dean rolling up their shirts, polos or T-shirts. 

Says Simon: "I won’t be surprised if this offering surprises a few readers. But I’ve been wearing mine for almost a year now, and I love it - I’m a convert. It’s particularly appealing when the shirt is worn with equally well-made and tailored pieces elsewhere, such as bespoke linen or cotton trousers, and lightweight slip-ons. It's the epitome of casual chic in the Summer."

The fit is the same as all other PS shirts, as is the button-down collar. The only difference is the sleeve.

That sleeve might be narrow on a small number of customers, but based on testing, only a small one. Check measurements below to be sure, and compare them to a polo shirt you own. 

Measures in CM Small (38) Medium (40) Large (42) Extra Large (44)
Chest 53 56 60 65
Waist 48 50 55 60
Yoke 45.5 47.5 49.5 52
Sleeve width at bottom 17.5 18 19 20.5
Sleeve length 20 21 22 23.5