Service disruptions: Ukraine, Brexit and Covid-19


War in Ukraine

Currently no couriers are accepting deliveries to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, due to the ongoing conflict. Unfortunately this means we cannot accept orders to those countries.


Brexit transition

The trade deal between the UK and the EU means that there are no tariffs on goods being shipped from PS to EU countries. 

However, EU countries will have to now pay their local VAT rate, rather than the UK rate that they were paying in the past. This varies, roughly between 15-25%, compared to the UK's rate of 20%. 

For the moment, PS has opted to charge this local VAT rate at checkout, so the process is as smooth as possible for the customer, and similar to past experience. Offering this 'landed price' (also known as DDP - 'delivered duty paid') involves some extra admin costs for PS, but nothing else for the customer.  

The treatment for other countries around the world remains unchanged: where applicable, they pay duties and taxes when goods arrive, through the particular courier. 

Two technical notes:

- It is actually not possible for a UK company to pay local VAT in the EU (unless they are registered for VAT there), but the mechanism here is that the local DHL courier office pays the local VAT, and then charges it back to PS. 

- The only duties that will ever apply are when PS is shipping a product to the EU, that was not at least 55% made in the UK or EU. There is a small number of those, such as the chambray (Japan) or Frank Clegg bags (US). In that case, though, often the EU has its own trade deals with those countries, and as a result no duties apply either.

If you have any questions, or believe you have been charged the wrong amount, please email


Continuing Covid-19 disruption

Despite varying lockdowns and restrictions in various parts of the world, all deliveries are largely as normal, except for short delays and occasional blocks because of Covid-19. 

Some countries such as India and Russia have briefly blocked all customs to couriers, only to reopen them after a few days. Elsewhere, customs bottlenecks are causing some delays. 

If you want to get the latest from DHL, which fulfils our deliveries in most countries outside of the UK, please visit their update page here.

Our warehouse is operating in line with advice from the World Health Organisation and local authorities. The team are constantly making sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to.

We are also working very closely with shipping partners and aim at making sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to. 



We recognise that returns of goods will be harder, as service points (often shops) will be closed, and customers may not have access to a printer for printing labels. 

In view of this, we are happy to extend return and exchange periods to any period required for normal service to be resumed.