• The Finest Crewneck
  • The Finest Crewneck
  • The Finest Crewneck
  • The Finest Crewneck
  • The Finest Crewneck
  • The Finest Crewneck

The Finest Crewneck


A Permanent Style classic, returning to the shop in a few weeks. 

The Finest Crewneck is a luxury staple. A piece to be worn every day, yet the finest of its type anywhere. 

The Finest Knitwear uses one of the finest merino yarns, and the finest knitting gauge. 

It uses merino rather than cashmere because, lovely as cashmere is, when knitted finely it tends to pill and to lose its shape. Fine merino, on the other hand, approaches cashmere in its feel but pills less, holds its shape and looks sharper.

As to the gauge, the factory in central Italy uses an adapted knitting bed to knit at 37 gauge (the number of needles to the inch). For comparison, John Smedley’s fine knit is 30 gauge.

This makes the knitwear fine, but not particularly delicate - certainly compared to cashmere. It fits under any jacket, and it provides a notable layer of warmth without being too heavy.

This makes it good for travelling, given it folds up small and is so lightweight (150g). And suited to modern offices - when the air conditioning can mean wearing a jacket or normal knitwear is too warm.

The level of manufacture is the best anywhere, with highlights shown in the image close-ups opposite. These include:

  • A wide join between the body and the sleeve, which means it can be thinner and flatter, almost eradicating the feeling of a seam
  • Where seams join, the yarn flattened out and re-stitched, to remove the small, hard knot most knitwear has
  • The collar knitted as once piece, so there is no seam (for example) on the back of the point of the V-neck

The design, too, features some subtle points that make it more elegant and perfect for tailoring:

  • Crewneck has an flat, close collar, suitable for a shirt or worn on its own.
  • Ribbing on the bottom of the body is slightly longer than normal, which has the effect of shortening and broadening the torso
  • And the sleeve cuff is lengthened the same amount, to 7cm, making it feel dressier

The Finest Knitwear is a unique, luxurious product, but priced for online sales: £225 (ex-VAT) where luxury brands would have it well over £300.

Now available in navy.

CHEST 52 54 56 58 60
BOTTOM WIDTH 43 45 47 49 51
SHOULDERS 41 42 43 44 45
SLEEVE LENGTH 63 64 66 67 68
BODY LENGTH 64 66 68 70 72