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PS Shetland Tweed

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This product will be shipped directly from Holland and Sherry and is cut to order. Please be patient, it may take up to 10 business days to be shipped. 

A beautiful, subtle shetland tweed, this material was one of Simon's favourites but was discontinued by Holland & Sherry. It has now been brought back and is available exclusively through the PS Shop. 

Simon has long been a fan of oatmeal jackets, as one of the five jacket colours he would recommend to anyone starting a versatile sports-jacket collection. It goes with a large range of dark trousers, and yet isn't bright or showy like many light colours. It's also great with denim.

This example is especially nice, with the tweed being a herringbone that mixes in oatmeal with wheat colours and pale browns, to produce something with texture and depth of interest. 

The tweed uses a Shetland wool and is lighter in weight that the PS Harris Tweed, at 11oz (per linear metre). It was originally part of the SherryTweed range (883205). 

This lightness makes it a great transitional jacket material, able to be worn in the autumn as well as layered up in winter. It is shown in the images here made into a jacket by B&Tailor for Simon. The full article on that jacket can be seen here.  

Swatches of the PS Shetland Tweed are available, if anyone wants to see the cloth in person before ordering. These can be bought through the shop (just order 10cm) and the cost will be refunded if you then subsequently order a length of the cloth. 

Please ask your tailor how much you require. An indicative length for a jacket might be 2.2m to 2.5m, but it will vary substantially with style and proportions of the wearer.

Details on ordering: 

  • PS Shetland Tweed can only be ordered from the PS shop. It is not available separately from tailors, or from Holland & Sherry directly.

  • Order the length you require in units of 1 metre and 10 centimetres. So for 2.2m, you need to order two lots of 1 metre and two lots of 10 centimetres.

  • The cloth is being cut to order, and then sent from Scotland, by Holland & Sherry. So please be patient with fulfilment: allow 3-4 working days for cloth to be sent.

  • The tweed costs £95 a metre, plus local VAT or duties.

  • As the cloth is cut to order, it cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty. If you are uncertain, please do order a swatch first, by ordering 10cm. 

  • If you would like the cloth sent directly to a tailor, please put them down as the shipping address, but please include your name in the address also, so the tailor knows who it’s for.