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PS Harris Tweed

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This product will be shipped directly from Holland and Sherry, please be patient it may take up to 10 business days to be shipped. 

A hardy and beautiful cloth manually woven in the traditional manner in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Originally created by Holland and Sherry and recommissioned by Permanent Style after years of being unavailable.

The tweed, used by Simon on both a jacket and overcoat (pictured), has amazing colours woven into it: vibrant shades of orange, yellow and blue alongside more standard brown and black. 

And yet, at a distance, it’s a nice warm brown. Something with character, but not the kind of cloth you’d expect to contain all these crayon-like colours. 

Being an official Harris Tweed, the cloth is handwoven on manual looms - the same type of machine that been used for centuries. 

The tweed weighs 15/16oz (per linear metre), which is a mid- to heavy-weight for tweed, and something Simon wears at least half of the year.

Full details on the cloth here, it's background and styling.

Swatches of the PS Harris Tweed are available, if anyone wants to see the cloth in person before ordering. These can be bought through the shop (just order 10cm) and the cost will be refunded if you then subsequently order a length of the cloth. 

Please ask your tailor how much you require. An indicative length for a jacket might be 2.2m to 2.5m, but it will vary substantially with style and proportions of the wearer.

Details on ordering: 

  • PS Harris Tweed can only be ordered from the PS shop. It is not available separately from tailors, or from Holland & Sherry directly.

  • Order the length you require in units of 1 metre and 10 centimetres. So for 2.2m, you need to order 2 metres and 2 lots of 10 centimetres.

  • The cloth is being cut to order, and then sent from Scotland, by Holland & Sherry. So please be patient with fulfilment: allow 3-4 working days for cloth to be sent.

  • The tweed costs £95 a metre, plus that local VAT or duties.

  • As the cloth is cut to order, it cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty. If you are uncertain, please do order a swatch first, by ordering 10cm. 

  • If you would like the cloth sent directly to a tailor, please put them down as the shipping address, but please include your name in the address also, so the tailor knows who it’s for.

Details on the cloth:

  • Authentic Harris Tweed, which means handwoven by islanders in their homes in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, as well as being finished there, using virgin wool dyed and spun there. 

  • The yarn used is from Scottish sheep, weighing 15/16oz or 470/500g per linear metre. It has a usable width of 150cm.

  • The weave is a twill, but this is barely noticeable amid the colours and curls of yarn.