• Selvedge Chambray - shirt
  • Selvedge Chambray - shirt
  • Selvedge Chambray - shirt
  • Selvedge Chambray - shirt
  • Selvedge Chambray - shirt

Selvedge Chambray - shirt


A unique selvedge chambray shirt, woven on vintage looms in Japan. 

Japan makes the finest denims and chambray in the world, but they can be tough and compact. Simon commissioned this one together with 100 Hands as a loose, open-weave material, making it soft and breathable. 

That breathability makes it great all-year round, and the softness increases with every wash and wear: like all PS cloths, it is designed to get better with age. 

Says Simon: "I've been looking to find a nice, narrow-loom chambray cloth for a while. I thought it would be a nice compliment to the other PS oxfords and denims; but also wanted something more casual and open weave than the European mills typically offer to shirtmakers.

"I was excited, therefore, when 100 Hands said they had sourced a similar chambray, and that they could wash it in-house, to deal with the shrinkage issues Japanese cloths often have."

Being washed by 100 Hands in India gives it an even nicer handle, as well as reducing shrinkage to virtually nothing - on a par with any compact fine shirting. 

In terms of colour, it has the typical indigo-and-white weave of chambray, which gives it that denim-like style but flatter and subtly textured. 

Full details on the origins of the project here

Technical details: 

  • 100% cotton, 143 gram / Mtl (GSM 130)
  • Yarn count 40/1 x 20/1
  • Width is 1.1m (being a vintage loom) and sold in lengths of 2.5m
  • Woven by Maruwa, Japan
  • Woven on narrow, vintage looms with selvedge
  • There are some other selvedge chambrays, but rarely woven on narrow looms, which makes a big difference to the texture and feel

The shirt collar has been developed by Simon through his bespoke shirts, with the result being the perfect shape to curl outwards, framing the face, when unbuttoned, and to sit around the knot of a tie when fastened.

Made in 100 Hands' Indian atelier, the chambray shirts are beautifully handcrafted - with hand-sewn collars and armholes, as well as buttons and buttonholes. 

Here is what our customers say:

"I got my selvedge chambray shirt today and I was immediately surprised by how soft the fabric is! Truly incredible, I didn’t quite realise how much difference the garment washing process would make. 

I had passed on the first batch because I didn’t think it would be that different to other chambrays but in the end I went for it on the basis of how nice the PS Oxford fabric is. I’m happy I did, I think this selvedge might be more special in the long run." 

Size details below.


  Chest Waist Yoke Sleeve Cuff Body Neck
Small 51.5cm 47 44 63 22 77 37
Medium 55 51 46 64.5 23 80 39
Large 60 55 49 67 24 82 41
X-Large 62.5 58.5 50 69 25 83 43