The Permanent Style watch cap


The Permanent Style watch cap is designed to fit neatly on the head, making a casual staple into something a touch smarter and more refined. 

Made by Johnstons of Elgin, in Scotland, from 100% cashmere, it is available in dark navy and flannel grey. The edge is hand finished and the sides hand-tacked to keep the precise roll of the hat in place. 

Says Simon Crompton, founder of Permanent Style: "Most such hats are big - designed to fit from your forehead to your neck, and completely cover your ears. That’s quite practical, but it’s hardly a dressy look.

"I liked the occasional Japanese gentleman I had seen wearing one that ran in a horizontal line from the forehead to the back of the head - small and neat. A hat worn this way looked smart enough to wear with a bespoke overcoat, and subtly subvert its formality.

"So I set out to recreate it, and now wear them constantly - in both navy and cream. Navy is more classic, but I find cream surprisingly versatile, as it goes with pretty every colour and you're unlikely to be wearing cream elsewhere."

The cap only comes in one size, but is soft and pliable enough to fit any head. Over time the cap will flatten and soften somewhat, becoming closer to the head. 

It can be washed like any cashmere knitwear, and when washed gets a little of that thickness back.

Shipped from the UK and available in a limited run. Six-ply: three ends of 2/28 cashmere.