PS Blue Oxford - shirt


A traditional oxford shirt, robust and casual, with a natural, slubby variation in the texture. Wears in beautifully; lasts forever.

Inspired by the vintage oxfords made by Brooks Brothers and others in the 1950s and 1960s, the PS Oxford shirt uses a fabric woven in Italy exclusively for Permanent Style. 

This fabric combines robust, traditional yarn with finer cottons in the warp to create something that could be seen as the best of both worlds: rugged yet luxurious. 

The shirts are made in a Naples atelier supervised by bespoke shirtmaker Luca Avitabile, and are beautifully handcrafted - with hand-sewn collars and armholes, as well as buttons and buttonholes. 

The shirt collar has been developed by Simon through his bespoke shirts, with the result being the perfect shape to curl outwards, framing the face, when unbuttoned, and to sit around the knot of a tie when fastened.

More details on the website here. Fabric is pre-washed but there may be some shrinkage - around 1-2cm on the sleeve length and 2-3cm on the body length.

          Chest     Waist      Yoke       Sleeve    Cuff        Body     Neck

S       100cm       94            45           64           22           75          37

M      108           100           47           66           23           77          39

L       116           106           49            68           24           81          41

XL     124           116           51           70           25           81          43