• Everyday Denim - cloth
  • Everyday Denim - cloth
  • Everyday Denim - cloth
  • Everyday Denim - cloth

Everyday Denim - cloth

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An exclusive denim cloth for Permanent Style - woven by Albini in Italy. 

Bespoke denim shirts are often tricky - because the thing that defines a denim shirt is the fading, and that is achieved in RTW shirts by industrial garment washing.

With Everyday Denim, the cloth starts uniform and then fades slowly over time with home washing. (30 or 40 degrees, hang dry.)

So readers can buy the cloth, give it to their shirtmaker, and then wear and wash it over time to achieve that fading effect.

The denim is a cotton twill, using 60/2 yarn in the warp and 120/2 in the weft.

That 2 refers to the ply of the yarn, which is significant with denim. Most brands use cheap, single-ply yarn - which to a certain extent is because they want a tougher, coarser feel to the cloth, but also means it doesn’t soften in the same way over time.

By contrast, Everyday Denim softens beautifully. A luxurious denim, if you will.

There cuts of the denim are 2 metres by 1.5 metres - enough to make a shirt for most sizes. (In terms of height alone, it should be fine unless you are 6'4'' or over.)

Finished shirts are also available, in sizes Small to Extra large