• The Reversible Valstarino - Brown
  • The Reversible Valstarino - Brown
  • The Reversible Valstarino - Brown
  • The Reversible Valstarino - Brown
  • The Reversible Valstarino - Brown
  • The Reversible Valstarino - Brown

The Reversible Valstarino - Brown

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Simon's version of a menswear classic, exclusive to Permanent Style. 

The popular Valstarino suede blouson is given extra functionality by making it reversible to a beautiful brown showerproof nylon.

The buttons each come with a buttonhole next to them, allowing the wearer to push them through to the other side when they want to reverse the jacket. 

Says Simon: "I think the Valstarino jacket has been popular with sartorial dressers because it fits so well into a tailored wardrobe. The suede, the slim pockets and (most importantly) the button-up front make it unusual among blousons in being smart enough to substitute for a tailored jacket.

"However, one thing I always thought would increase the Valstarino’s usefulness would be to make it weatherproof. So I started working with Matteo at Valstar to develop a reversible version of the jacket. This was initially just a made-to-order project for myself, but after a while it seemed obvious we should make a small run to offer to readers as well."

Dark brown is Valstar's best-selling colour of jacket, and with good reason. It goes with everything from grey flannels to battered jeans, a shirt to a T-shirt. The most versatile lightweight jacket there is. 

For more on why Simon thinks this jacket is so useful, see the original post here.

The latest iteration of the jacket, for 2021, replaces the traditional patch pockets with a side entry version - inside and out - which Simon feels makes the jacket more contemporary as well as more flattering. "The thing with the patch pockets was the side entry was always too small to use, and I know some readers felt the patches added unneeded bulk to the stomach too."

In the pictures Simon is wearing a size 52, which is a size up from what he would normally take. This is the slim fit version from Valstar, which is the one readers will be most familiar with - sold all around Europe and Asia. You can see how a 50 looks on Simon in last year's post on the navy version, here

We would suggest sizing up if you are in any doubt.

Measurements (all in centimetres):

  46 48 50 52 54 56
Shoulder width (A) 43 44.5 46 47.5 49 50.5
Body length (E) 63 64 65 66 67 68
Chest width (half) (B) 51 53 55 57 59 61
Sleeve length (H) 65 66 67 68 69 70