The Square Scarf


These small, square scarves are woven by Begg & Co in Scotland - for Simon, the best scarf manufacturer in the world and certainly one of the most innovative. 

They are designed to be an update of the old men's ascot or neckerchief - a touch of luxury and protection against the neck in cold weather. They're particularly nice under a crewneck sweater, as pictured. 

Several things make them special - including their hand-rolled edges - but the key is the Wispy cashmere they're made of.

This is a yarn so fine it would normally snap under the tension of a loom. Begg use a patented coating on the cashmere to allow it to be woven, and then wash the coating out afterwards.

One customer, David, says: "Just to say the scarves are incredible. So perfect for transition seasons in terms of warmth, comfort and look. They also immediately smarten up whatever I’m wearing with a nice laissez-faire attitude. I know to expect good things from you but these have definitely beaten my expectations!"

To wear, fold in half to form a triangle, wrap around the neck and tie at the front. You can see a pictorial post on how to wear the square scarf here

More about the background to the project here. Scarves measure 70cm on each side.